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Core Archery DVD: Back Tension:Defined and Demonstrated by Larry Wise
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Core Archery DVD: Back Tension:Defined and Demonstrated by Larry Wise

This DVD is a guide through the definition of back tension by showing the muscles needed to first hold the bow at full draw and then to further contract so that a rotational force is placed on the holding upper arm and elbow. This rotation is transferred into the release hand so that a back tension style (hinge) release will discharge the bowstring. Under these conditions there is no conscious mental involvement with the release aid or the moment of bowstring release. A second major definition for FULL-DRAW-POSITION is ALSO demonstrated in action. This position must be attained so that the appropriate muscles can be effectively and efficiently used. All of this is shown in action and in static conditions. It’s described thoroughly in terms you can understand. Based on these two definitions the second half of this DVD uses my twelve steps of shooting form to teach the viewer how to build his or her body into full draw position. Efficient biomechanics is stressed throughout every step plus every form step is evaluated by how well it helps the shooter establish and execute with back tension. Once again, each step is shown in action and in static form with easy to understand descriptions. The biomechanical techniques presented have been verified by numerous doctors of chiropractic and orthopedic specialties. These techniques enabled me to win many professional tournaments and a world field championship during the twenty-five years I competed. You can see it in action when you watch the top pros today. You won’t see it on the internet where you’ll find lots of home-spun ideas not based on any kind of scientific study or principles. If you ignore the science of our sport, you will pay the price! If you’re willing to work hard and “smart” with back tension you’ll build shooting form that you can trust – for a long time. Find the shooting technique that performs every day of the year instead of a “trick” that gets you a few good shots every third tournament.

Price: $19.95