Bargain Bin - Dead Level Hunter XS Lite

Bargain Bin - Dead Level Hunter XS Lite

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The Dead Lever Hunter XS Lite offers a .5in. micro diameter, ultra lightweight stabilization system for bowhunters to customize the balance of any bowhunting setup without adding excessive overall mass weight resulting in a superior shooting experience.

Complete System Includes -

  • 2 Dead Silent Hunting Series - Carbon XS Stabilizers .5in micro diameter stabilizers for vibration crushing stability
  • 1 Diamond Series Lite mount that is 20% lighter than the mount in the original Dead Level Hunter kit but still offers infinite adjustability, rock solid connection that simply will not vibrate loose and utilizes the lower rear mounting hole on the bow riser.
  • 6 Custom Balance 1oz weights for optimal balance tuning
  • 2 Aluminum Weight Caps for a sleek finished look

Featured Technology -

  • .5in. micro diameter Carbon tubing gives the ultimate combination of silencing and stability without added weight or felt vibration.
  • Superior vibration dampening and silencing ability. Constructed of BowJax proven material.
  • Diamond Series hardware is precision engineered for rock solid performance and perfect balance.
  • 6 oz of customizable weight provide optimum balance by allowing you to tailor your weight configuration to your specific needs.

Includes -
(2) XS stabilizers, (6) 1oz Custom Balance Weights 1/4-20, (1) Diamond Series Single Lite Mount

Product Specifications -
Stabilizer Length - 8" & 6"
Stabilizer Length - 10" & 8"