Bow Balancing

The Pro Bow Balancer is one of the most state of the art bow tuning tools on the market today. By combining precision engineering and the laws of simple physics, the Pro Bow Balancer removes the guessing game and allows for a truely balanced and tuned weight system that maximizes stabilizer effectiveness to meet any archer's needs. 

The Pro Bow Balancer from Dead Center Archery Products is a revolutionaly tool to take the guess work out of stabilizer and weight configuration and eliminates the notion of "Close Enough". Used by professional archers, coaches, competitive shooters and bowhunters alike, this tool has allowed shooters to maximize the effectiveness of their stabilization system resulting in dramatically increased aiming stability, less wasted gnergy fighting poor balance and optimized accuracy down range. 
The Pro Bow Balancer shows exactly how a bow is balanced and allows the user to fine tune the setup to achieve the optimum configuration for the individual and solve stability problems that negatively effect form, shot execution, aiming stability and accuracy. Without a proper tool to balance the bow, the adjustments made are crude and guess work. Just 1 ounce of weight or just 1/8 of an inch of movement in position of the mount can mean the difference between proper and improper balance resulting in your shot being just in or just out. The Pro Bow Balancer's Free Floating Balance bracket allows for movement along the horizontal axis while the Universal Cradle, attached to the bow riser, allows for vertical movement giving a clear read on where the bow is balanced and where to make adjustments. 

See what you've been missing and Experience True Balance.


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